• 1 ton pallet Curran Wood Pellets

    $259.00 $250.00
    Please indicate where on the property you'd like the pallets to be placed. Hard,paved surface only.

    Curran Pellets are made from timber harvested from their sister company, Seaway Timber Harvesting. Logging crews put the trees through a delimber to remove branches and flail chipper to remove bark, leaving clean green stems to be chipped for wood pellet production.  The clean green chips are then ground to 5/8" minus put through a dryer and ground again into 3/8" minus sawdust . The sawdust is then extruded into pellets with pure compression and no additives. Wood pellets then are passed through two shaker screens to remove sawdust and loose fines. 

    Curran is proud of the certifications and accreditations they've achieved from the hard work and dedication of all of their employees. Curran Renewable Energy received qualification to the Pellet Fuels Institute Standards Program as one of its first participants. This program is the only one of its kind in the United States. Producing quality fuel has always been their first priority, and by taking this step they are ensuring consistent fuel for our consumers.